Vehicle Wraps

Transform your vehicle… wrap it!

Our premium wrap media can make anything transform from average … to WOW! 

We can partially or fully wrap all sorts of items: Vehicles, Boats, Buggies and Golf Carts, (Walls, Bikes, Fridges and even Bins!) if that is what you want!  Limited only by your imagination we can transform these items from Drab to Fab using custom designed prints or specialised coloured wrap media to change the appearance or colour. 

Unsure how to start the process?  Bring your vehicle or item in for a measure up and check over.  From there we can discuss what you would like to see as a finished product.  Once a quote is accepted we will create the design for you and show you how the finished product will look by supplying a visual image before commencing any manufacture.  We’ve got you covered!